Oriental Link Far East Limited is a Hong Kong based minerals consultancy services firm providing cutting edge solutions to companies in mining, minerals and allied industries. We are a leader in the graphite mining consultancy sector, specializing in providing end to end solutions from board room consultancy to actual mine exploration site. Oriental Link Far East Limited intends to serve as mineral consultants, bringing explorers, producers, consumers, buyers, sellers and investors together exclusively to serve the increased industrial demand for minerals internationally.

Oriental Link Far East Limited’s primary business activities include:

  • Mining and Geological Consultancy
  • Strategic Business Opportunities
  • Mineral Investment & Financial Services
  • Mineral Properties Verification
  • Production Certification.
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Renewable Energy Product Development

Oriental Link Far East Limited is also the financing arm of Oriental Link Holding. We specialized in sourcing and financing mining opportunities.

If you are looking for funding to make your idea a reality, then you might consider working with Oriental Link Far East Limited as we can help you fund your project. We take on a methodological approach towards qualifying investors and inviting them into your business/ projects. You can leverage on our vast investors network and find reliable partners to inject funds into your business.

Interested Investors can also turn to us to find new projects that appeal to them. Oriental Link Far East Limited can give you the opportunity to invest in a variety of projects that could turn a profit in the future.  Investors can leverage on our research and expertise to identify good investment opportunities. Oriental Link Far East Limited's strategy is to identify quality and fundamentally strong mining projects with appropriate valuations. Investment structure may include common equity, private placements, convertible debt, bridge loans or even credit support.

Our regional team of researchers/ analysts will conduct the necessary due diligence to ensure you receive the best investment advise. We constantly scout news sources and regulatory fillings across the region to ensure investment risk is constantly mitigated.