Our strong joint venture and partnership networks give us economies of scale and ensure our multi discipline excellence is replicated across the region. We continue to leverage on our respective strengths and ensure best practices and process efficiency is shared and implemented.

Together as a group, our areas of expertise range from:

Geotechnical Engineering
Analysis of ground conditions, mining method selection, optimizing mine layouts and extraction methodology

Geological Verification
Verification of mine and product output quality 

Energy Research
Technical developments and research to identify varied energy sources

FInancing Solution
Provide financing solutions to expedite mine production

Environmental & Waste Management Consultancy
Structure and review of monitoring and management plans of environmental impacts

Work Safety & Rehabilitation Consultancy
Structure and review of safety and rehabilitation practice at workplace

Corporate Consultancy
Project management, business planning and due diligence assessment for corporate clients

Training & Development
Providing professional development and educational workshops to ensure operational efficiency